Above the Line Cards

"Above the Line"

Are you exhibiting "Above the Line" behaviors? Students who do receive "Above the Line" cards as part of our E+R=O culture at Ridge. E(vent) +R(esponse)+=O(utcome) is a mindset that drives our actions and behaviors. We actively educate our school community on the 6 pillars: Press Pause, Get Your Mind Right, Step Up, Adjust and Adapt, Make a Difference, and Build Skill. 

Above the Line Cards is a way for us to recognize students who consistently exhibit E+R=O behavior.
 Teachers who witness students demonstrating "Above the Line" behavior will receive a card.

When a student receives a AtL from a teacher they should stop by and give their card to a staff member during their lunch or the Main Office. 
Cards are placed in one of four boxes based on the student's lunch. Every other Friday we draw winners to come to the gym during advisory to get a treat, play and hang out together.