Ridge Football 2021


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Conditioning: July 12, 14, 15, at Ridge, 6pm - 8pm.
Summer Practice: July 19 - 30, at Ridge, 6pm - 8pm
(Must have current physical and register on Final Forms)
Covid-19 Information 
 Lakota Protocols 
Waiver Form 
Monitoring Form 

Paper Work 
Final Forms  
Physical Form 

Participation Fees

Participation Fees for the 2020 football season are $150.  This fee MUST BE PAID PRIOR to the first game.  Failure to pay will result in removal from the team

Scholarships are available, but are not guaranteed.  More information can be found at the West Chester Community Foundation website.  However, please be prepared to pay the entire fee should you not be chosen.


7th/8th Staff 

7th Head Coach Chris Alles
Head Coach:  Matt Abshear                           
Assistant Coach:  Russ Turner                                                                 
Assistant Coach:  Andrew Wuest 
Assistant Coach Noah Foltyn                                                                                     

Expectations– As a student athlete you must abide by all student rules during and after school hours on school grounds. We expect no more than a positive role model at all times while being a part of this program. You are a STUDENT athlete first, so we expect you to perform above average in the class room. If you perform above average in the class room you will also perform above average on the football field.

Our coaching staff consists of years of experience. We all have the tools and the teaching to make you a better student athlete on and off the field. If you give us the opportunity to teach and the lead the way, you will be successful.