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Ridge Staff Presented at OMLA Conference 

Ridge Staff Presented at OMLA Conference 

A few of our Ridge Staff members attended and presented at the Ohio Middle Level Association Conference in November. Check out the topics they discussed while presenting at the conference. Ridge is so proud to have such talented staff members, who are willing to share ideas for success! 

You've got data, now what?

Meghan Lester

As teachers we collect data constantly, whether it is before learning, during instruction, or for planning next steps. Now that we've got the data, what can we do with it to make an impactful experience in student learning? In this session, teachers will learn hacks for collecting data, manipulating the results for easy student grouping, and then creating personalizing pathways for learning. Attendees will walk away with tips and tricks from a data-obsessed teacher and ideas on how to create personalized pathways in manageable ways.

The A-Team

Stacey Cahill, Frank Willis, Pat Simpson, Ken Jones

The task of keeping the building safe, orderly, and running smoothly can seem like a daunting task. With engaged and supportive administrators and a staff devoted to the well-being of everyone in the building, a teacher-led school security team can have a tremendous impact on the school. The organization of this team has yielded a decrease in major student discipline issues, a more efficient and streamlined school experience for staff and students, and an overall improved student culture. Members of the elite squad known as the "A-Team" will share about the need, implementation, and impact of their work.

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