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Giant Rubik's Cube made out of cans with sign on top that reads "Solving the Puzzle of Hunger"

The Innovation Hubs at Ridge Junior School and Lakota East High School were stocked with more than just books and technology this month. They were also the home to mounds of canned goods sculpted into true works of art.

The sculptures - also on display at Liberty and Hopewell junior schools as well as Lakota West High School - were the culmination of students’ responses to a community-wide challenge put forth by Reach Out Lakota. Called Can Creations, the first-ever friendly competition was designed to encourage local businesses, students and community groups to build sculptures out of items needed by the local food pantry. 

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Photo of boy student with glasses in a library holding a book

In 2021, random story ideas started popping into Ruthvik Kotagiri’s head.

“Over time, these ideas got bigger, and soon enough, I was unable to contain them,” said Ruthvik, an eighth grader at Ridge Junior School. “I wanted to let my ideas go, but I had no idea how to release them, and in what form.”

He decided that writing out his ideas was the way to go. And a year later, Ruthvik published a book entitled The Broken Shards (Reality’s Reach Book 1), now available on Amazon.

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Six students wearing red shirts that read "Ridge Ambassadors" and smiling with arms around one another

For the 100-plus students who joined Ridge Junior after the start of the current year, what better way to step foot in a new school mid-year than with an instant friend? This is the premise of the school’s new ambassador program that empowers students to own the onboarding experience for their new peers. 

The 26 ambassadors are the first to greet a new classmate and take turns leading them on tours around the school. But they do much more than help their new friends open their lockers and find their classes. They mentor them in ways only their peers know how to do.

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